blogger award

thank you to The Rheinlander's and Madge for this award! 

rules of accepting: 7 things about yourself

1) I leave the fridge open when I'm doing things.
2) My husband is best friend.
3) I sometimes miss traffic, the mall, huge lines & suburb drama.
4) I clean everyday, but sometimes leaving clothes on the floor or dishes in the sink makes me feel rebellious.
5) I am Christian.
6) My husband made me fall in love with him with those work jeans, plaid shirts and suspenders. Yumm. 
7) I am not a Democrat nor a Republican: I am an American.


Vic said...

haha...i get yelled at for leaving the fridge open and we have an alarm on it which is soooo annoying....funny! i'm just the same...some days, cleaning can wait!:) enjoy the thanksgiving week doll! xoxox

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