dear new mom

It is OK that you feel completely exhausted because you just spent nine months worrying and caring for your unborn, and now that she's born, it is triple the worry and care.
It is OK to still eat like a pregnant woman because you're awake 24 hours a day, rocking a baby and milking like a cow. That is a lot of burned calories.

It is OK that you haven't done or even thought about laundry, dishes, making the bed, cooking or cleaning. This is why you have a mother and takeout.

It is OK that you are feeling very emotional and tend to break down when your husband comes home and hand him the baby. It is a lot of work, and those hormones … phew!

It is also OK that you really want to give your husband an earful when he replies, “I don't understand why you are so tired; she just sleeps.” This is of course because the baby always decides to sleep during daddy hours.

It is also even more OK that you secretly like when she doesn't sleep well during your husband's nighttime shift on the weekend so that he finally understands WHY YOU ARE TIRED.

It is OK if you choose to breastfeed, formula feed, give binkies, have baby sleep in your room or give baby a bottle. Everyone will give an opinion, but remember, it is your child and your decision.

It is OK to still wear your maternity clothes after giving birth. You deserve to be comfortable, and frankly no one looks at you now that you have a baby to show off.

It is OK that you read all the books and learned what to do and what not to do, and you're now going by your own rules.

It is OK that you don't like certain people holding her, baby-sitting her or even touching her. Mommyhood gives you fabulous instincts, so follow them.

Finally, it is OK that you think your baby is the cutest, smartest and most well behaved baby of all. She is.


vanita said...

I so wish I new this in 2008 when my son was born. True, he's my third child, but my 2nd child was born 10 years earlier so it was like starting from scratch and i just wore myself out. By the time my 4th child was born last year, I was ok with every single thing posted here. i think i was too darn tired to stress about it. :-D
definitely agree with following the mommy instincts

kriznizzel said...

Everything here is so true, Great reading on your blog!! I'm now following

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