mom = serious multitasker

Being a mom requires some major multi-tasking. We're not talking about talking on the phone while also cooking dinner, we're talking using body parts for certain tasks you never thought could be possible. I am constantly amazing myself by the things I can do, while doing three other things. And then of course my husband is always just sitting there watching me. "It's OK- I am a MOM- I can do it all!" Here are some talents I have picked up and if you are planning on having a baby, start practicing:

1. Picking up everything and anything with my toes. This includes her toys, clothes, spilled food items and binkies.

2. Driving while feeding her. Last week was the first time that I drove alone to Portland from Roseburg- 3 hours- with her in the back. I accomplished reaching over my back seat to her and feeding her with my right hand, and steering with my left. Starbucks coffees have been replaced by bottles in my cup holder.

3. Driving while pumping. This requires skill! You have to cover up, pump, and somehow not spill any milk because that will stink up your car. I obviously do a lot of multitasking when driving, so watch out for the white Honda.

Peeler & Mo
4. Running with two dogs and a baby. I take the whole family! I hold Peeler's leash with my left hand, hook Mosely's leash up to the stroller with one of those awesome Mommy Hook's and push the stroller with my right hand. It just gets bad if one of the dogs goes after something-- then everyone is going with him.

5. Deep cleaning and working out while putting the baby to sleep. Sometimes she just wants to be held, and it seems like it is always when I am trying to clean. The front pack provides baby comfort, free hands and a good work out since you are packing around an extra 13 pounds. It is like cleaning pregnant again.

6. Using my left hand. I am constantly in situations that require holding her with my right arm, and having to cook, clean or sign with my left hand. Start practicing. I think I am just about ambidextrous now.

7. Feeding myself, while feeding her. She always wants to eat when we are eating. The Bumbo seat (see Mommy Must-Haves page) and some baby biscuits make this easy.

8. Dealing with a husband and a baby while trying to keep your sanity. Whenever my husband and I get into a little tiff, the baby always starts crying- or vise versa. That always then progresses to the food burning, phone ringing and the dogs barking.

9. Changing a poopy diaper on the freeway. At least I pull over for this one.

10. Being a mom and wife. Just being this means multitasking. You are taking care of a husband and baby, and sometimes- yourself. I raise my glass, most likely filled with wine, to all of you mothers and wives out there.

What multitasking talents do you have?


Christina Lucas said...

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Meredith said...

You have a gift! Driving while pumping does take skill!

Miranda LaRaut-Hartrampf said...

I've not got there yet. Lol, but i'm getting better at the grocery bags, purse, and laptop bag with mah belly.

brittany hill said...

i love it. i have also mastered feeding him with a bottle in the back seat while driving. and he cries too when we argue. also also wants to eat while im eating. they just know. lol. awesome articles. super funny!!
i can relate to it all :)

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