part II: my life in a Roseburg size nutshell


I’ve lost the battle of trying to get him to “dress up”. He about threw a fit when I bought him a tie and long sleeved button up for a wedding. I should have known; he had a tissy fit when we went to pick out his suit for our wedding. “Why can’t I just wear nice dress shorts and flips?” So, thankfully most of the weddings we go to are in the summer and pretty casual which allow for his Dickie's shorts and flip flops.

He is going to kill me for posting this because the "manly man " is drinking wine    

However, I have won the battle with our meals. His mother is a fabulous cook who makes those comfort foods with everything covered in butter and gravy. She will make a main dish, a vegetable casserole dish, one to two other side dishes, rolls/bread and provide a salad with all the good stuff in it. I remember the first couple dinners I made after we’d been married and he would look down at his chicken, potato and salad looking like he was going to starve. However, this was also after the dating and honeymoon period where I had cooked up all my good recipes and made twice the serving size. He pants no longer fit so he didn’t complain about his lettuce in a bowl and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray.

Right when I was getting the hang of being married to a man who has permanent dirt stuck under his finger nails, we had Audrey. My friends and family up in the big city actually asked me, “So are you coming up here to have the baby?” I would say, “Uh, no, I live in Roseburg.” “Does Roseburg have a hospital?” OK, I may be a little Green Acres, but I am not in the total boonies.  Roseburg has a Macy's and a Costco- and yes, a hospital.

It is actually a nice town with some wonderful people. Sure, a lot of the people end up on those pictures you see on "People of Walmart" and they keep their Christmas lights up all year around, but they also are not over consumed with their personal lives having to have the newest iPhone or BMW.

It is nuts how different two towns can get. And here are Chris and I in our own little nutshell with our little baby in our little cul-de-sac. He may be a man’s man, and a very stubborn one- and I may be a bit of queen bee, but life is good. If we were a like, it would be so boring.  


NikkiDarlin' said...

wow I think I would die if I lived in such a small town. But then again I would love to raise our daughter in a town like that.
My husband is a big southern food eater. When we got married I said I was never going to fry anything. I got used to everything being baked. I still have to fly a pork chop every now and then to show he I love him.

littlemissgonnabe said...

Haha, it's like we're married to same dude. Good luck and let me know if/how you ever get him into a tie!

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