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For centuries all around the world, marriage has been about bringing together family. However, it seems in our culture these days, you most likely see a family divide. Chris and I had a master plan when we got married. We would just split the holidays—easy.

Then I got pregnant. Who gets to be in the delivery room? Who gets to babysit? Who gets to spend baby’s first Christmas with us? A sweet little baby brought out the fangs, nails, tears and sweat, with a side order of pressure and guilt. Chris and I are now parents to a beautiful daughter and two loving families. We have to make sure they share, play nice and we have to keep things even.  

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Here are some anonymous responses to what some family member did pertaining to a parents child that will make you laugh, gasp or say, "hey, that happened to me too!" 

  • My sister-in-law (who has 3 sons - no daughters) sent my 11-year-old daughter a training bra for her birthday (without consulting me) because all the 6th graders in Texas (where she lives) were wearing them. My daughter didn't wear it for 2 more years - she didn't need one! This annoyed me no end because I only have one daughter and she deprived me of that mother-daughter moment of buying the first bra. 
  • While babysitting, my neighbor taught my 15-month-old Sanskrit. D'oh!
  • Tried to parent them and then tell me how I should raise my child
  • They act like their mother
  • I won't name the family member but she takes my baby out of my hands every time she sees him without so much as talking to me or asking to hold him. Ahhhh it drives me crazy. Even I ask to hold him with other people are holding him.
  • Referring to older cousins and what they can do
  • Giving you their opinion. They think your children are theirs
  • My mother-in-law tells me all the time, "Well my kids just never did that" It makes me want to scream!
  • In the past my MIL would tell me what the kids were doing wrong
  • None of the family is available to help out, or doesn't offer to help out enough
  • My mother in law doesn't know my daughter at all, but when I tell her something my daughter does or did she will tell me how that is just like her and how she gets it from her. HA! Oh and the in laws just want a grandson which we hear about ALL the time
  • My mom constantly takes credit for things I have taught my kids. It used to drive me nuts, but now I just let her have it
  • FIL states his crazy opinion and beliefs in front of my son and it's usually stuff that shouldn't be said around kids. And no one ever agrees with him! I could go on and on about this subject!
  • my mother in law gave our son his first haircut without asking! My husband and I were both so mad . She does things like that all the time, its like she forgets that we are the parents and doesn't bother talking to us first about things


Jen (Mama Schell) said...

I completely understand the "Family Divide" on holidays. When my hubby and I lived in our hometown (in SW Washington) it was soooo hard! Both sets of parents are divorced and we we had 3 (yep 3) families that wanted us at every holiday function. It was so hard to choose, so we just decided to start hosting it ourselves and told them to come to us! Problem solved!

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