reasons why my sister says I am a bad mother

My sister & baby. And she thinks I am the crazy one?
1. Audrey has fallen off the couch twice. I just hate locking her into any seat/toy she is in when she wants to explore. 

2. I put her in front of the television to entertain her. At least most of the time it is educational programs. 

3. I make her wear skinny jeans and nylons, and other uncomfortable, but such adorable outfits. 

4. We tried to bring her into a bar. OK, in my defense- I was trying to just get some food and this was a big restaurant/saloon. FYI: Babies are not allowed in bars. 

5. I let her cry. When she starts to yell, I am pretty calm and take my time getting her bottle or thinking about what she could want. Sometimes (and a lot lately), I know it is just attitude. This makes other people sweat. My husband is always going, "Hurry!" like she is going to burst and other people look at me and go, "Wow, you are really calm," which is code for "I am not calm so shush that baby up!"

6. If she looks interested, we let her taste almost everything including paper, hummus, beer and soap. 

7. Sometimes I let a few pees soak up that diaper before changing it...and sometimes I just forget that it has been a few hours. 

8. There are times I or we just need a break, but this is translated into trying to get rid of her.

9. I no longer make sure her bottle is perfect temperature. If it is too cold, she will let me know. 

10. We let the dogs lick her face. 

11. Sometimes we don't know where she is. We'll go to a big wedding and she just gets passed around. 

12. A mother does not always know...or at least this one. Chris will say, "What is wrong with her?" Most of the time I just guess, and the other times I seriously don't know.

part II: reasons why my sister says my mom was a bad mother

1. Mom rubbed Whiskey on our gums when teething.

2. Mom had one glass of champagne during pregnancy. 

3. Mom would let my sister bring home frogs she caught and then accidentally vacuum them up. 

4. They would bring me to parties -they were 22-years-old and the first to have a baby out of their friends.

5. Mom gave my sister Diet Pepsi in a bottle. 

6. The many times my sister decided to be a vegetarian (with the exception of chicken), we would order pork and tell her it was chicken. 

We both turned out pretty darn well I must say, so WELL DONE MOM!

My sister is smart, beautiful and talented. I don't know why she doesn't want to have children...and sometimes I know exactly why she doesn't. But she is only 19, and while some parenting strategies are looked upon as outlandish - being a parent is tough work! And to all the other mothers, we can't be perfect and it is too exhausting to try. Cheers to you being a mom. 


mommysankey said...

yes, I have done most of these and it got worse with my second.

Crystal said...

You know, I think you and I could grab a cocktail with the kids waiting in the care. We share a lot of the same parenting philosophy...love it.

T B said...

Love this post!

Melissa said...

Great post! My daughter just fell off the couch and broke her collarbone...so I guess I need to join the bad mother group, too!

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