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As I started my Christmas decorating, I realized that I am accumulating more and more decor every year even though we still have the same size house. I listened to the radio Christmas tunes and didn't hear more than two songs about Jesus- not even the classics like Silent Night or Away in the Manger. Have we lost that Christmas is about the birth of Christ?
Chris & I (preggo) as Mary & Joesph at the parade Nativity Scene

Chris and I both came from families with Christmas traditions- mine being a little bit more over the top. My dad would get neighbors to dress up as Santa and run past the windows during Christmas Eve getting all the children to run and peek out each window with eyes as big as apples. Stalkings are still stuffed magically when us kids (now all adults) wake up in the morning, Santa still takes a bite out of a cookie and drinks all his milk, and reindeer still make loud bashes on our roof Christmas Eve. There are always millions of Christmas presents that overflow the living room and look simply beautiful under a huge, REAL Christmas tree. 
Now being parents, Chris and I want all those traditions that we had as children. But, as we have watched over the last few years, it is so important that while we hang up twinkle lights and listen to Christmas music day and night until after the 25th - we can't forget what Christmas is about. Chris and I even have to try and keep our focus amongst the shopping, blown-up snowman's and turkey, so how do we raise a child with all the wonderful traditions and a heart that knows it is about the birth of Jesus?

It is easy to get carried away in the "magic" of Christmas and not the magic that happened the very first Christmas. We will again try our hardest this year to remember and cherish what the season is about and enjoy our first Christmas with Audrey. 

Merry Christmas!


NikkiDarlin' said...

Gosh I so know where your coming from. My mom was so over board with Christmas and Scotty is telling me I better not get like her. She decks the house out like Santa's work shop itself.
We haven't found a church yet for us to go to, so I'm trying to find ways to teach our daughter about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.

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