baby's 1st Christmas

What a magical Christmas. Another moment in life that is completely different now with a child and so much better. She absolutely enjoyed all of it... and of course, she got spoiled rotten. 

Chris and I got to both pick out a present for her. I was practical for me: a shopping cart cover for her to sit in. Chris picked out a loud baby keyboard. Fabulous. Now I get to listen to that all day because she loves it. 

I always get so excited for Christmas, then I can't wait for it to be over. Now it is over and seems like it went by too fast. 

Time to start thinking of New Years resolutions...


NikkiDarlin' said...

She looks adorable. Christmas is totally different now with a child. You no longer think about what you want, you think about what you're going to get her.

Anonymous said...

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