cheers to the wives and mothers

I fill my glass of special egg nog and say cheers to all the moms and wives out there doing tons of work to make Christmas special. 

Cheers to writing and mailing the Christmas cards, getting all the gifts and doing the shopping for other family members, wrapping all the presents and making them so beautiful, grocery shopping in the crowds of people, sitting in traffic with screaming children, trying so hard to home-make everything including really difficult family recipes, talking and planning, then re-planning with all his and your family members, decorating for hours, constantly vacuuming up tree needles, always having a stand-by gift available for the unexpected, standing in long lines at the post office, and keeping a smile on your face (at least to most people). 

Merry Christmas!


SoMo Mom said...

Amen sista! I will raise a glass to that! Happy holidays!

NikkiDarlin' said...

Oh Gosh do I know your pain. I'm a mad woman these past few days. and I'm still not ready and now I'm out of time. Drink a glass of special egg nog for me!
Merry Christmas!

Mandee said...

thank you for opening my eyes to all the work that women do! I feel lucky to be in a family where the work is more of a joint effort. Now I will not take that for granted. Good luck and I hope you have some "me" time very soon:)

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