everything but the house

Something so little requires so much. If you don't have a child, maybe you can see from this list how much STUFF you have to bring on vacation. Men, prepare yourself. You thought your wife packed a lot. Ha! You haven't seen nothing yet.

If you do have a child, what am I forgetting? Disneyland minus 24 hours.

1) Car bottle warmer
2) Video Camera
3) Camera
4) Water
5) Formula (2 containers)
6) At least 50-60 diapers
7) 2 packages of wipes
8) Bottles (2-3)
9) Bottle liners
10) Bottle nipples
11) Pacifiers (Soothie Duck!) & extra 3-4 (Soothie Duck on MOMMY MUST HAVES PAGE)
12) Spoons
13) Cereal
14) Solid food
15) Rags & bibs
16) Mums
17) Teething tablets
18) Baby Tylenol 
19) BOB
20) Car seat
21) Blankets
22) Swimsuits 
23) Baby life jacket
24) Bumbo
25) Pack N' Play
26) Toys
27) Monitor
28) Baby movies
29) Sheets & crib pad
30) Mobile
31) Ear muffs
32) Travel kit (first aid & shampoo/wash) 
33) Diaper bag (fill with diapers, wipes, rags, books, changing pad)
34) Disposable bibs 
35) Travel changing pads
36) Rain jacket & warm jacket
37) Sunscreen 
38) Baby towel
39) Hats & gloves
40) Cool outfits
41) 5-6 pairs of pajamas
42) Shoes
43) Hair accessories 
44) Sunglasses
45) Hand sanitizer 
44) Snacks in diaper bag!

Camping trip when A was 5-weeks-old. She required less then and it still looks like we are moving.


NikkiDarlin' said...

Haha. I have only took Skylee away from home once. To Savannah Ga when my husband got home from deployment. and I will never do it again. She can go on Vaca when she's old enough to pack for herself.

T B said...

I love the dogs in back! lol.

Mandee said...

Just stopping by today and I love what you have done with your blog! You have some great insight that is quite hilarious at times.

Please check out & follow my blog as I am just getting started.


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