happy birthday, mom

I've had many mommy moments of being exhausted, angry, frustrated and sad where I thought of you, mom. I thought of how to raised to wonderful daughters and gave us so much love. I want to be the mother that you are to us. 

Thank you for always putting bandages and Neosporin on our tiny scratches, always watching and smiling as we put on our shows, letting us be creative and imaginative even if that meant playing with the pots and pans or dressing up in your old prom dresses, tucking us in and singing to us every night (and knowing all the words...something I need to work on), getting up and making us a fabulous breakfast almost every morning, packing our lunches with little notes inside, driving me to school because I didn't want to take the bus, coming to all of my dance performances, picking me up and dropping me off at all the social events, always allowing us to not be scared of being honest, driving to Eugene when I was sick, still stuffing my stocking and sending me Easter presents, welcoming and treating my husband like your son, calling to make sure I am home safely, loving Audrey just as you love me, and showing me how to be a wonderful mother. Thank you. 

I love you & happy birthday.


richelle jean said...

moms are AMAZING. :) im thankful for my mom too. happy birthday to your mom!

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

How sweet! Ya'll look so cute in your tie dye.

Luvin My Lil Monkeys said...

Awe! Happy Birthday to your Mommy! What a sweet daughter you are!!
I'm now following you back! Thanks so much!, you have an adorable blog!

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