happy half year

I can't believe six months ago I had a baby. Time goes so fast. All the sudden, she is no longer a baby- but a little person.

She is holding her bottle, eating with a spoon, grabbing things she wants, laughing when things are funny and singing herself to sleep. She is sitting in the stroller without the car seat and taking a bath without the infant holder. 

She is throwing food when she gets mad, yelling when she thinks she is being ignored and crying because she knows it is nap time. 

She smiles when dad comes home and gets upset when I leave. She reaches up when she wants to be held and arches her back when she wants out. 

Her clothes that fit her last week are now too small. She used to drink two ounces and now a full bottle (I swear all our money is going to formula). 

I used to wait all day to hear a peep come out of her and now she is a chatter box. Part of me cannot wait until she can say words, the other part of me CAN wait. 

It all makes me thankful that I get to stay home and watch her because everyday is something new- and you don't ever get it back.

 6 months
A few hours


Melissa said...

So sweet - Happy Half Birthday! She's beautiful. It does go by so fast and before you know it all you'll be hearing is an endless string of "Mommy...Mommy...Mommy...Mom...Mom...Mom..." But it's still sweet to hear. Sometimes.

NikkiDarlin' said...

Aww so sweet. Happy Half Birthday! They do grow fast. I don't know where this year went.

T B said...

She's beautiful :)

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