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A dear friend of mine addressed a controversial topic on her Facebook page: breastfeeding in public. Quickly after, opinions were posted. 

I breastfed Audrey in the beginning and had the cute cover and everything. Personally, I didn't feel comfortable breastfeeding in the wide open, even with a cover. I would go to my car or most of the time, I pumped and bottle-fed her. 

I don't have a problem with it; however, it isn't something that doesn't catch your attention (especially when the child is at the age where they are asking for it). Therefore, knowing that I would have eyes on me- I didn't feel comfortable. 

Additionally, while women see their jugs as a means of food, men still see them as play toys. I went into "boobs are off limits" mode with my husband, but he didn't get it. He liked them even better since they were engorged two sizes. Again, more eyes on me...well not really me, but my boobies. 

In a conversation with a friend the other night, she was about to stop breastfeeding just because she was tired of sitting in her car outside the grocery store or restaurant. Her choice since she didn't feel comfortable doing it in public. 

It is obviously a matter of debate since breastfeeding has acquired many laws. Moms can take breaks constantly to pump at work and they can breastfeed where ever they desire. 

What is the real issue here? Why do we find it so distracting when someone whips out a tit at a nice restaurant? 

I feel strongly about two things: Please at least cover up, and when your kid can ask for a boob, I think it is time to stop.

Open forum: Please post your comments. I am curious to what everyone thinks and has gone through.


NikkiDarlin' said...

I believe that you should be about to feed whenever and where ever. But cover up.

Ashley said...

I completely agree with your 2 guidelines. I never thought I'd care if seeing someone who wasn't covered up breastfeeding until I saw this woman at a restaurant in SE Portland (go figure) whip out her entire boob (I swear it was down to her hip bone) and let her toddler (eww, he could carry on a conversation) go to town on it. I was then thinking, "Honey, could you please stop flashing my husband? This could scar him for life!" I get not covering up at home with family and friends, but they make those covers so cute of purpose, to be worn in public! Great article Britt xoxo

Clayton Thomas said...

As a guy, it's just not a good idea. Though the intent is understandable, we have a culture (unlike places in Africa, for example) it is not socially accepted. If a woman wants to buck the trend, she has a right. But would the point then be to feed a child or "make a statement."


Miranda Hartrampf said...

I agree with you, however I'm also the type of person who would forget to cover up or not cover depending on the circumstance. HOWEVER, if i where in a restaurant in SE or NE or NW or the Pearl or any other "fancey" in Portland... id probably choose to feed in the bathroom.

For me its a little more, where im at and whats the enviroment like.

(And yes i am from Roseburg!)

Sweet T Makes Three said...

Our society is sooooo sexualized that it is necessary to cover up. It's a shame that we are that way, but we are what we are!

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