the m and the p in my abc

I can't believe I have waited this long to introduce you all to two very important family members. It just goes to show how forgotten these members are ever since the A (Audrey) came into our world. Introducing Mosely (Mo) and Peeler. 
I got Mo from my cousin who picked him off of the street and paid way too much for him. We don't know what he is. Half pug? Half cat? Who knows? All I know is that he meows like a cat, enjoys getting his nails clipped, likes to spoon in bed and gets a lot of, "What is that?" when we go out walking. 

I got Mo as a puppy and it was just me & Mo. We did everything together and went everywhere together. Then I met Chris. Chris had a chocolate lab, Peeler (a logging term f.y.i.). I was pretty nervous to introduce them to each other.

Like Chris and I, Mo and Peeler were complete opposites. Mo is this diva and Peeler is a woods dog. Mo prefers 600 thread count and Peeler prefers a mat on the deck. But when those two met, they were instant brothers. Chris and I knew our family was meant to be. 

Chris and I had a lot of compromises to make however. Mo was an inside dog and Peeler was an outside dog. Chris says, "Dogs are meant to be outside." I didn't agree. I feel like they are your pets and meant to keep you company- not just sit outside. 

Chris would come home secretly and catch Mo in our bed. It was like catching me having an affair! So, the both of us caved a little and made sacrifices to make each other happy. Isn't marriage great? The pups have a rug we put out in the house and they stick to that rug. And to be honest, I have put them out more since they are both long haired and I am tired of vacuuming every second. 

Chris also was firm on making the dogs ride in the back of the pickup: rain, snow, wind, whatever...that is where they rode. But after my big baby lip telling him that, "Mo is just too little and gets cold," he let him ride on the floor in the truck. After awhile, I got used to Mo riding in the back and saw he actually loved it. And for cold days, Grandma got them dog coats...camo dog coats. Whenever we drive up to Portland, we get points, honks and laughs the whole way. 

I am thankful for having dogs first. Chris and I had two totally different parenting methods with our pups and had to meet in the middle.

Video: Mosely antagonizing his brother and Audrey getting a kick out of it. Sorry for the poor quality


NikkiDarlin' said...

Haha Skylee does the same thing when our pug starts to growl or bark. It's cute!

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