new year hopes

The word "resolution" holds too much pressure. First, I don't think my list is a list of problems that need to be resolved. Second, if we just use another word such as "hope" - it won't look as bad when we give up in March.

Here is my list of hopes for the upcoming new year: 

  • Floss.
  • Get better at budgeting which in turn will make Chris and I argue less. 
  • Start running again which in turn will make me stop buying clothes for my new mommy curves, meaning less money, meaning less arguing again.
  • Stop time. Audrey is growing too fast. 
  • Stop texting and driving. 
  • Keep blogging. 
  • Try to can fruits and vegetables. The key word is "try".
  • Try to home make baby food. 
  • Try to live in complete darkness which in turn will make our power bill less and again, less arguing. 
  • Quit dealing with people walking all over me.
  • Don't book up every summer weekend by February.
  • Deepen relationships with the friends that really matter and care.


Ruby said...

I think they are do-able lol i need to stop texting and driving tooand of course blog more

NikkiDarlin' said...

Guess I'm not the only one who needs lights on in the house. My husband yells at me all the time for leaving lights on. I even sleep with a night light. It's sad, but I need light.

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