a rant day

Well December is officially here and nothing welcomes it better than having to get up eight times for the baby or the dogs, being on the rag, waking up with a kink in my neck and a swollen toe, bills to pay and a house that is a disaster. 
Maybe Audrey gets the diva from me...

If God really knew what's up, there would be NO periods in December and NO bills. Everything would just go on a vacation. 

On the up side, if there is one, I am six pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, Audrey is in a rather cheery mood this morning (most likely because she had a big poop. Funny how that controls her attitude), and I am nearly done with my Christmas shopping. 

I don't know what's up with baby anymore. Chris and I were so good about making and keeping a schedule for her regarding naps and she was really good up until Day Light Savings ended. After that she wanted to blend her 2/3 p.m. afternoon nap with nighttime sleep. She is also now waking up at 3 a.m. instead of 4/5 a.m. for her morning snack, and officially getting up around 6 a.m. Balls. 

It also didn't help that I read this informative but frightening article about SIDS. Chris and I are very careful about the information we take in because there are so many "no-nos" out there now built to just over worry you and over protect your child. The article had horrible baby death stories as they all do and said SIDS can happen up to 1-years-old. After freaking myself out, I came home and removed the bumper, pillows and excessive blankets from her crib. I also now check on her breathing at least once an hour. 

Losing the bumper has made Audrey go ballistic in the crib. She bangs her head on the bars and clings to them like a monkey in a cage. This causes her to wake up and yell a few times at night. Joy for me.  Especially when last night amidst the dark I ran into one of her several toys and now my toe is swollen. I did one of those quite but huge freak outs wanting to kick the wall in frustration and my husband caught me.

Her diva attitude has also shown its face recently. Chris and I are both mellow, and up until now- Audrey was too. I find myself actually looking at my 5-month-old and saying, "Audrey, NO!" Sometimes I know she is just complaining. She wants to be picked up, doesn't want to play with a certain toy anymore, doesn't want to see my face anymore, etc etc... I swear somewhere in her whines I hear, "But I WANT IT!"

My girlfriend brought her 3-month-old boy Owen over for a play date. I couldn't believe it: We put Owen in Audrey's Bumbo seat and she actually got jealous. She looked at him in that seat and just yelled. Sweet little Owen just sat around all night smiling and cooing while my Ms. Diva Pants made the whole house know that she is the queen.

I'm sure by the end of the day Audrey will be her diva self, my pounds will pile back on since I have been eating the mint Christmas M&M's I bought and there will be more bills to pay. 

Hello December!


NikkiDarlin' said...

Haha! I took Skylee's bumper off when she was a year old. She just kepy steping on it and pushing it down. I think she was using it as a step to try to escape.
I think all little girls are divas. Mine sure is.

B said...

I have days like this as well. I feel for ya girl :(

BETHANY said...

My sister just Skyped me a link to your site, claiming I'd like it. She's right! I asked her how she found it and she told me you were Chris' wife. I haven't talked to him in years and years and years, but our families were friends when we were kids and I'm pretty sure his parents stay in touch with my sister. Small world. :)

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