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I am not crafty. I have the motivation to be crafty, but not the patience nor the skill. However, sometimes it is my only option when I don't want to pay a pretty penny for something I look at and say, "I think I can make that."
Here are some baby craftings...by me and my crew (sister and friend Terra)


I really wanted a woods/whimsical theme for our baby. We all LOVE owls. This cost $8 total. I bought the pillows at a craft store ($2 each) and then bought some clearance vintage fabric along with white and black felt. I first took a needle and white thread through the top and pulled it down to create a gather up top and then dragged it through the sides to create small pinches for ears (worked better on the more narrow owl). 

Inspired by: Etsy


These "scrapboxes" are fun because it brought together both my husband's and my childhoods. I LOVE looking at the baby pictures all the time as Audrey grows to see who she is resembling. Cost was about $30. Each shadow box was $14.99 from Target.

Inspired by Darcy Miller @ marthastewart

wall name canvas
My very own Martha Stewart of Roseburg, Terra Lee, made this for Audrey. She used 1 ft x 1ft canvas' and covered them in my chosen fabric. She then hand pained the letters (yes, those are hand painted!). If you want one, let me know! She is awesome. 

fashion headbands
I can't find anywhere in town that sells fashion headbands for babes. We have a Christmas party Friday and I needed something quick (since everyone says SHE is a boy), so ordering one online was not going to work. This cost me $6! I got silk ribbon which is in the jewelry section at Michael's and then picked out which flowers I liked. It took me 5 minutes to sew the flowers on the ribbon. I also like the ribbon because it it soft, ties (so can be used for a long time) and does not leave marks on their head. PS: Also pretty cute on mom!

Rasta onesies

Every baby needs a little Rasta in their life. My sister hand painted this! The only cost was the white onesie. Buy a pack of white onesies for $8.99 at Target and do some painting.
Out of a pack of five onesies, you can make some pretty cute stuff! Tye-dye made by my sister as well.


Cassie said...

Oh my gosh. What a creative post.
Love the owl pillows. So cute!

Love, love LUHHRV the rasta onsies! Definitely my fave!!

Just found your blog and I am excited to follow!

T B said...

I love the owl pillows and the letters! So cute!

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