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Hello World. My name is Brittany Ann Arnold, and I am a wife and a mother. However, I am not your average wife and mother. My background, and where I am today, makes for many debates, challenges, lifestyle adjustments and most of all, laughs.

I am a Portland, Oregon bred journalist, graduating from University of Oregon in 2008. I have spent time working at Lucky magazine in New York City, Surface magazine in San Francisco, and I founded my own magazine, Button, out of Portland.

My life before marriage consisted of fashion shows, concerts, hotel openings, photo shoots, 4-star restaurants and conversations revolving around the latest celebrity gossip and fashion trends. I was what people down here in Roseburg consider to be a “city girl.”

I then met and fell in love with Chris: a conservative, stubborn, small-town logger who has a serious collection of fishing poles, guns and plaid shirts, hates going downtown and has permanent dirt under his finger nails. It is true what they say—opposites do attract.

Chris and I got married in 2009 and moved to Roseburg, Oregon where Chris has a job as a logging administrator. Roseburg is a small town for me and a metropolis to Chris. A lot of the people here drive pick-ups, wear camo and chew tobacco. But Roseburg has grown on me—and that might have something to do with the fact that we just got a Costco (but still no Target, ugh).

After a freezing cold hunting trip to Steen’s Mountain where I was stuck in a tent with my small rat dog, not enough Carlo Rossi and too much chili, I decided to get pregnant so I could opt out of that trip next time. =)

Our beautiful baby girl, Audrey, was born June 19, 2010. She is absolutely perfect. Motherhood was upon me faster than I had time to think about it, plan for it or adapt to it—and I was just getting used to being a wife...a wife to a logger. I hadn’t even learned to how to bake yet.
Join us, Audrey, Brittany & Chris, in My ABC Soup.

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