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Extra baggage: Traveling to with a 6-month-old
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By the numbers
 Bags packed: 7  
Items packed for baby: 46 clothing items; 100 diapers; 200 wipes; 
8 toys; 7 blankets; 1 stroller; 1 car seat; 1 portable crib; 1 Bumbo seat; 
2 packs of formula; 2 packs of traveling toiletries; 12 Mum Mums; 
7 pureed foods; 2 bottles; 40 bottle liners; 12 disposable bibs
Total miles traveled: 1,622 
Total pit stops:  12

Chris and I vowed that we would not be those parents that say they can’t go somewhere “because of the baby,” especially when the place is Disneyland. Instead, we are the parents that everyone looks at and says, “You are crazy for driving that far with a 6-month-old.” We like the challenge.

Driving long hours with Audrey was not completely unchartered water for us. Chris and I drove to Steen’s Mountain when she was 5-weeks-old for a summer camping trip. While Audrey handled that adventure well, I did not. 

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leaving her in someone else's hands

We're leaving her in the hands of Mickey.


no longer kids

Last night Chris and I decided to do the after dinner until midnight run at Disneyland with my sister and her boyfriend. A little time to be kids again with no baby. Around 9 p.m., we were exhausted. We wondered why we were so tired this time around when we usually just go, go, go. Then I thought that while we did take it slower with the baby, there is so much added thought and organization required to having a 6-month-old. Guess our lives are forever different. All for the best though! 

Last day today!


snap shots


so far, so good

I can't believe it. There is actually (knock on wood) no major chaos. Of course there is the normal amount of chaos when you are with family and Disneyland, but Audrey is doing really well. 

So far we have discovered that dark and loud parts of rides, Audrey does not like. She loved Monsters, Inc. and Winnie the Pooh. Thankfully, we bought her baby ear muff/headphones for most the rides since they are so noisy.

And babies come with perks! Even though one person has to wait with the baby outside the ride, they get a plus one rider pass that puts you at the front. 

Off to Tomorrowland!


we've made it!

I can't believe it, but we have made it. Not only have we made it, but we made it with no serious chaos. We had to make one trip already to urgency care in Sacramento- but it was for my sister who has strep. Luckily, she got some meds and is already back in action. 

I will start vlogging tomorrow! We'll see how she does on the rides...

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