new year hopes

The word "resolution" holds too much pressure. First, I don't think my list is a list of problems that need to be resolved. Second, if we just use another word such as "hope" - it won't look as bad when we give up in March.

Here is my list of hopes for the upcoming new year: 

  • Floss.
  • Get better at budgeting which in turn will make Chris and I argue less. 
  • Start running again which in turn will make me stop buying clothes for my new mommy curves, meaning less money, meaning less arguing again.
  • Stop time. Audrey is growing too fast. 
  • Stop texting and driving. 
  • Keep blogging. 
  • Try to can fruits and vegetables. The key word is "try".
  • Try to home make baby food. 
  • Try to live in complete darkness which in turn will make our power bill less and again, less arguing. 
  • Quit dealing with people walking all over me.
  • Don't book up every summer weekend by February.
  • Deepen relationships with the friends that really matter and care.


baby's 1st Christmas

What a magical Christmas. Another moment in life that is completely different now with a child and so much better. She absolutely enjoyed all of it... and of course, she got spoiled rotten. 

Chris and I got to both pick out a present for her. I was practical for me: a shopping cart cover for her to sit in. Chris picked out a loud baby keyboard. Fabulous. Now I get to listen to that all day because she loves it. 

I always get so excited for Christmas, then I can't wait for it to be over. Now it is over and seems like it went by too fast. 

Time to start thinking of New Years resolutions...

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