book two: the time traveler's wife

Being the pregnant horny one that I was, a romance novel was perfect for book two.  I buried myself under the covers in bed, ate chocolate and time traveled. I probably gained a good ten pounds during this month.

I cried, I laughed and occasionally couldn’t wait for my husband to come home in order to seduce him. Ya, right. Seduce him with the planet size belly of mine.

I was excited for this second gathering. Not happy that I had to drink apple cider, but looking forward to getting to know these women more. I also couldn’t wait for the food.

The usual conversation surrounding husbands and pregnancy stuffed our mouths. “My husband does this…” or “My husband does that…”

After we filled our plates and smothered our lips in BBQ sauce, I felt it necessary to actually ask about the book because I was actually reading them. I was someone who did not read for fun. However, I was also really happy that no one really cared to talk about it.

After throwing out a few one-word thoughts like “confusing” or “sexual” or “good” – we got back to our food and husband chatter.

I sat there and began to time travel myself. I couldn’t believe this was me already: married, pregnant, living in a cul-de-sac and in a book club. I started to get lost in thought. A little over a year ago I was calling Thursday “Thirsty Thursday” and now it was book club night! What happened?

But as I felt my youth slipping away, I was realizing that this new part to life was so much better. I had friends…yes, I was calling them my friends by now…that instead of talking about meaningless celeb gossip, we wanted to get to know each other. We wanted each other’s advice, stories and knowledge. We wanted to know recipes, what other books we read and what our families were like.

I drifted in and out of past memories while listening to the hums of the women talking and laughing and feeling the baby kick. I was nearing my seventh month of pregnancy.

I snapped back to present time as book number three was announced. Looking down at the little piece of paper, I giggled. The assignment sheets were getting cuter and cuter. They now were adorned with a picture of the book, where to get it, date and time of the next meeting and directions. “Wait? Are these scented?”

My mind continued to race and get me anxious. Once I stepped into the book club zone, I couldn’t look back. And then I started to read book number three and boy, was it good. 


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