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I just started watching Desperate Housewives. Television has never really been my thing, but a recent surge of raging hormones stuck me on the couch just wanting to veg out (and eat guacamole). So, I started Season One. 

The intrigue of figuring out the big mystery is what keeps me going. Other than that, the first few episodes have characters that I'm not that impressed with. I'm more depressed with them. 

Out of five women (four counting those alive), only one has a good marriage. And that is saying "good" means that there isn't an affair going on or marriage counseling- or suicide. 

This portrayal of the suburban housewife is a joke. And I suppose it is meant to be a comedy, but I find it more sad. The only one that seems to have it together is Lynette, who still doesn't because she desperately wants to have her career back and not be taking care of her out-of-control children. 

And the one character who actually likes being a housewife is crazy and robotic. A Stepford wife with no emotions. 

So I see, everyone is DESPERATE to NOT be a housewife.

Chris came home to me engaged in the third episode and asked if I was like that. "Wine at noon?" he said. I told him that "I wasn't Desperate by any means." Although sometimes I do like a glass of wine at lunch. 

I understand that no relationship, parent, wife, husband or child is perfect. However, there ought to be some family on the show that has it together...at least a little bit. 

Even I start thinking, "Great. What if my kids are crazy like that?" or "What if Chris just up and left me?" or "What if I am turning into this perfectionist robot?" 

I constantly hear about The Real Housewives reality shows and their cat fights, affairs and pre-nups. 

But are these portrayals or "reality" stars really "real" ? 

I hope not.


NikkiDarlin' said...

I guess if they made a show about REAL housewives it would kinda boring. I find my life kinda boring. Sweeping, dishes, diaper change, and repeat. No one wants to watch a show like that so they throw in the drama.

my abc soup said...

Agreed. My life is boring, but good boring.

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