I used to be queen

I used to be queen
I ruled the roost
Until this little bean
In my womb I produced

Out this little girl came
My princess she would be
It would never be the same
She was a mini-me

She stole my heart
And it would lead to my demise
She is far too smart
For that itty-bitty size

She cries and I go
She is attached to my hip
She laughs when I say "no" 
She wins with her pouting lip 

Such a beautiful little face
Such a sweet little coo
She wants her diapers with lace
And a gold bottle too 

I underestimated the power
A sweet baby could possess
My throne and my tower 
Demoted, regressed

She is the star of the show
And she doesn't even walk
What is going to happen- I don't want to know
When she is a teenager and can talk

My crown may be gone
My castle unclean
But I love being a mom
Even if she is queen


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Absolutely lovely. And she will definitely rule the roost from now on!

Gorgeous picture.
CJ xx

NikkiDarlin' said...

So sweet!

eveqc said...

This is sooo beautiful! I might steal it someday, but I'll ask for your permision first!

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