a logger for a husband

My prince charming is a little rough around the edges. Here are the ways which make being married to a logger an entirely different world. 

1. Days start as early as 3 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.
2. His hands aren't smooth and soft, but rough with calluses (I try to lotion them but he expresses that they are "man hands" and he does not want "girl hands")
3. There is permanent dirt stuck under his fingernails
4. His horse and carriage is a dirty, big pickup truck
5. There is an endless supply of chopped wood in the backyard 
6. When we get together with other logger friends, the conversations revolve around rock, saws, yarders, Cats, chokers, riggin', loaders and a whole bunch of other terms I don't understand
7. Dressing up is a pair of dark jeans and a clean t-shirt 
8. You really don't know how many types and species of trees there are until you marry a logger
9. Forget watching all my favorite television shows-bedtime is normally between 8-9 p.m.
His outfit: $20  My outfit: $250  Our love: priceless

10. They are incredibly hard workers and don't get paid nearly enough
11. He has bumps, bruises and cuts all over without knowing how they got there 
12. They refuse to go to the doctor 
13. He also refuses to buy Carhartt's because he says they are too "trendy" (only in a loggers world)
14. The closet consists of hickory shirts, torn jeans and camouflage (there is a about 5 white t-shirts and some Levi's for "dress up occasions")
15. They usually carry a gun...and a fishing pole
16. He has a subscription to "Loggers World" 

17. He knows about every other person in town
18. They have their own language which consists of a lot of poor grammar
19. They live to be in the woods and can't stand offices, traffic, stores and everything else that has more people than you can count 
20. They laugh about global warming and are not the best of friends with environmentalists (My sister...the environmentalist...causes for some wonderful family dinners)


NikkiDarlin' said...

Haha! But you too look adorable together. And look at it this way, the less he spends on clothes, the more you can spend on clothes!

Sherri said...

I really enjoyed this post! This is exactly why I wanted to give you a blog award! Come see-->Life Is Good - Blog Award
From Sherri at Mommy's lil Corner

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