when mom gets sick

Mommy being sick is not fun. She is the captain of the ship: cooking, cleaning, feeding the baby, playing with the baby, picking up kids from school, etc... What happens when the captain is down? Chaos. I've been sick the last two days and here are some tips on how to make it all work. Got more tips? Let me hear them. I'm sure I'll get sick more than once.

1. Call in for help. Ask your neighbor to pick up the kids or ask Grandma if she'll watch the baby for the day so you can sleep. Ask your husband to pick up medicine and take the baby when he gets home. 

2. Make bedtime or couch games with baby. Bring her toys onto your bed so she can sit and play while thinking you are playing too and you can get a little rest and comfort. Turn on a good movie for baby and have her sit with you. Again, she will like the "being together" while you lounge. 

3. Nap when she naps.

4. Call upon the Crock-Pot. A big pot roast or stew not only will feel good on your throat later, but will provide you with leftovers for the next few dinners. And it is pretty easy preparation.

5. Try not to load yourself up on cold pills and Advil so you can get things done. It will only mask the illness and prolong it. Eat like baby eats: fruits and veggies and lots of fluids. Tea, OJ and water. Load yourself up on vitamins and rest instead.


NikkiDarlin' said...

Those are some awesome tips.

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