cafe audrey

Second/third stage foods are going very well for Audrey. There is nothing this girl doesn't eat. Likes her food, like momma. 

A note with the ice-cube foods: 
    They take a little longer to microwave if that is how you are defrosting.   Most of the foods take 30 seconds.
Audrey's favorites thus far: 
     Egg yolk and avacado 
     Peas, carrots and rice  (egg yolk sometimes too!) 
     Blueberries and Greek yogurt (add oatmeal too!) 
     Chicken, sweet potatoes and melted cheddar 
     Apples, pears, cinnamon and oatmeal

Here are some shots of chicken cubes. 

Coming tomorrow... Baby Yumm Bowls: healthy and packed with all the food groups


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