hi strangers!

Sorry I have been M.I.A. since I know so many of you live and breathe my blog. =) 

To give you a quick update, things this past week have been a little nuts. 

About 10-years-ago my dad had open heart surgery and has recently found out that his replaced valve is leaking. On Wednesday, he rode his bike to work and passed out upon arrival. He was sent to the E.R. My sister, baby and I rushed up north.

Thankfully, he was sent home later and is now on a heart monitor. He will go into his cardiologist next week to see if he needs to get the valve replaced.

I returned Thursday morning just in time to take off to Brookings to spend time with the in-laws. By Thursday evening, Audrey started getting sick. 

She gradually got worse and is still pretty bad. It is so sad how you can't do anything for babies. She can't breathe, doesn't eat and won't sleep. 

I hope I can return soon to my regular scheduled blog postings. Until then, your prayers and advice are greatly appreciated. 



NikkiDarlin' said...

I have missed reading. Hope all is gets well soon.

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