baby chow time: getting started in the kitchen

Hoping you read my previous post, here is a more direct “how-to” on making baby food, including Stage Two foods. Here is where to start and tomorrow I will post a "how-to" on cooking it and storing it.

1.  Know what stage your baby is in and what foods she/he can eat. This is a fabulous website that will give you monthly food charts, menus and great homemade recipes: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/

2. Shop for food. This is so much fun because especially by Stage Two foods, your baby can eat pretty much everything except egg whites, peanut products, cow’s milk (cheese and yogurt are OK), strawberries and other high allergy foods.
·        Make a list of baby food separate to your grocery list. With Stage One foods, I did a separate shop just to make it easy. I went to the local farm, Costco and Fred Meyer to get produce. When it came to Stage Two foods, I included baby on my shopping run. Therefore there were separate items I got just for her, but a lot of the items we would eat as a family – therefore, I had to make sure and count her mouth and buy more. This is great for getting the whole family healthy. Think of most of your meals and make them “baby friendly”
·        Making baby food is economical as long as you are not buying extremely expensive produce. Research and buy what you like, but you may run into a higher bill if you are getting all of your items at a farm or getting them organic.
·        Keep in mind that frozen fruits and vegetables lock in more nutrients unlike fresh foods. Unless you plan on going to the farm or picking from your garden and then cooking right away, your foods will lose at least half of their nutritional value. Frozen is economical and healthy.

My grocery list for one-two months, Stage Two:
  Costco      (for the whole fam)                    
Organic Green Beans (frozen)                     
Organic Peas (frozen)                                  
Organic Broccoli (frozen)                     
Greek Yogurt                                      
Black beans  (less sodium)                     
All Natural Instant Mashed Potatoes                
32 egg pack                                                  
Pasta pack

Local/Fred Meyer
Apples (7-10), pears (6-8), bananas (1 bun.)  
Ground turkey  (3 lbs)
Boneless chicken breasts/strips (2-3 lbs)
Carrots (5 lb bag)
Blueberries (2 cartons: 1 for baby and one for us!)
Sweet Potatoes/Yams and other potatoes
Shredded Cheddar
Cottage Cheese, cream cheese
Essentials: Rice, Wheat & Oatmeal and other cereals 

and just to prove it to you, here is direct from my Excel family budget: (keep in mind that a lot of the food was bought for the whole family and a portion made for Audrey, therefore I calculated the right amount that I made for her) 

food                              $$$ spent on baby

beans 2
pasta 2
yogurt 2.5
green beans 2.5
peas 3
bananas 1.5
pears 2.5
blueberries 1.5
carrots 3
apples 3
sweet potatoes 3
turkey 8
chicken 8
cheese 1.5
total $44

                3. Make sure you have the cooking and storing supplies. All I needed was a blender, pot and mixer. If you have an immersion blender and a steamer- that is a bonus. However, I didn’t need them. I just boiled and steamed in a pot and then blended or mixed. You will also need gallon size freezer bags and as many ice trays as you would like (the most ice trays, the faster the process). I picked up a three pack at the Dollar Tree of ice trays.

Check in tomorrow and we will get started!


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