preview for tomorrow's column: homemade baby food

My bright red Kitchen Aid mixer taunts me from the corner of my kitchen counter. It is more of a decoration than a baking tool. I am no Suzy-Homemaker.

But, when my girlfriend told me she would teach me how to make homemade baby food, I took on the challenge. For one, she promised it was easy. Secondly, it was a healthier option. Lastly, it would save money.

If you are a parent, you know how expensive babies are. Having a baby has brought out the budgeter in me. In order to be very economical one has to have time, skill and patience. Three things I struggle with.

Economical options such as cloth diapers just means more laundry; sewing clothes requires skill; and second hand store shopping takes energy. I barely had the patience to breastfeed.

However, if making baby food was really going to be easy, than why not provide my baby with healthy, organic food and save some pennies. So, I put that Kitchen Aid to use and surprised myself. 

Check here tomorrow for my Sunday column: My ABC Soup or see it in The News-Review www.nrtoday.com


Predictable Me said...

I have given you a stylish blogger award. I think you need to copy it from my post. Enjoy your evening:)

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