dinner time drama

For the last few months, Audrey has been at the point where she understands the word "no" and surely understands what she is doing to get that reaction. At 9-months-old, she will perform the classic wrong doing over and over again to test us as parents.

Discipline is one of the toughest things I've had to do, and what makes it even harder is that I give in because she is still a "baby" while deep down I know she is way smarter than I am allowing myself to realize. 

Our latest Audrey adventure occurs about everyday, most prominently at dinner time. She has realized that what we are eating for dinner is better than her food, so she screams and pushes her face against the side of the high chair. She absolutely refuses to eat her food, but opens gladly at a spoonful of our dinner. She looks like a two-year-old having a tantrum, but she is only 9-months!  

Audrey is a pretty advanced eater and has been eating just about everything for awhile. And as I previously posted, since she has been able to eat it all, I have worked hard to make meals that are "baby" friendly- keeping the whole family healthy. 

So, I gave in throughout the beginning because she was exploring new foods. I loved that she was so eager to try everything and literally has enjoyed it all too. 

Now it has come back and bit me in the behind! And oh, how I have tried to pull some stunts with her: 
        I've pretended to dig her spoonful of food into my dish. That worked for a short while, and then she figured it out. 

        She knows her spoon and bowls, so last night I tried putting her food on grown up plates. Only worked for about two spoonfuls. 

        I've stopped feeding her when we are eating or there is other food around. Doesn't work either. 

This saga is ruining dinner time. When she pulls this during breakfast and lunch, I still have the patience to deal with her. However, by dinner time- I am tired. 

I've put my foot down and said "You don't want this than OK, no dinner." But that is so hard when she is still a "baby" and I need her to eat. I tend to give in when I think of the night ahead with bad sleeping or the bottle she has to have ($$$) because she didn't eat her real food. 

Last night she could literally see that there was something "new" on her spoon and then she chose to eat it. Chris looked and her and said, "Boy, she is smarter than we are. She is completely manipulating you." 

Really, a 9-month-old?!

I'm in a bit of a rut here. Moms, please pass on your discipline do's and do not's. 

OK, I'm not going to lie. She looks just makes this same face at dinner:


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