hungry for more

The combination of Disney's Ratatouille and Eat, Pray, Love have made me, well, hungry. While I have never been to Europe, yet hope to some day, the books and movies always seem to capture the essence of the Italian lifestyle: eating, loving, laughing and enjoying both work and play. 

God has given us so much and while we do have to work for it, majority of us get consumed with the work that we rarely take a minute to enjoy a break without thinking of the next project or task or if we've earned that break.

I absolutely love family meals. I love when family, friends and even strangers can sit down at a table, enjoy food, talk, thanksgiving and some good wine. No television or phones. I try not to even have conversations about work which is pretty hard for my husband.
It is all hard. Enjoying a meal is hard. With a baby, she wants this or that therefore I am up and down from the table. When friends come or if we are guests somewhere, it is always a race to do dishes. Why? I'm burning inside to just say, "Sit down! Have more wine!"
We are blessed with these good things: food, wine, the ability to gather and converse openly. Why can't we embrace it? 

"For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer." (1 Tim. 4:4-5)

But as we are to enjoy it all, God calls us to take it in moderation. There should be a balance and a lot of the time, work is overcompensated. By the time the work week is over, weekends are consumed with house or outdoor projects. Travel time is not given enough or we feel guilty for taking it.
I am guilty too. I look at cooking sometimes as a task when it has been made so easy for me. I am too worried about the end product and then dishes. When Chris asks me what I did for the day, it is the usual "laundry, dishes, took care of Audrey, etc..." I even eat breakfast and lunch while doing other tasks. 
So give me a piece of Italy...and I'll take a piece of bread too. Today I am going to have a good, healthy lunch and yes, some wine. 

I challenge you. In your regular, habitual, sometimes mediocre day - make sure to enjoy something for at least a half an hour. Really savor it without doing anything else. Savor God's word and then, eat some spaghetti!


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