I've got fleas

I'm curled up in a ball on the couch. I've got little red bumps all over my feet, ankles and waist. I'm trying hard not to have a panic attack. 

For the last five or so months, I've gotten sporadic itchy, red bumps on my feet. No body else in the family or house guests have gotten them. Just me. 

In the beginning, I thought a spider just had it against me in bed. That is normally how it goes. I am always the one that gets bit. Chris and I will go out and the swarm of mosquitoes are surrounding me, turning me into someone who looks like they have chicken pox and Chris won't get one bite.

I made Chris and I switch sides of the bed since I was sure I was getting them at night. All that led to was a sleep deprived husband and still bites for me. 

After that, I thought "dust mites." I read some people just have more of an allergic reaction to them showing up as itchy, red bumps. I washed and washed our bedding and vacuumed and flipped our mattress. Unfortunately, bites continued to appear.

After getting a pretty bad patch of them a few weeks ago, I finally went to the dermatologist. She said, "fleas." With the dogs not coming in the house, but sleeping in the garage, I was reminded that I am the only one that goes to the garage continually barefoot to do laundry and get food. 

Relived that I found the problem, Chris and I immediately flea bombed the garage and our house on a weekend away, as well as treated the dogs. We came back and I didn't get a bite for a week. 

Then, I saw a flea on Audrey and ABOUT FLIPPED OUT! I had Chris check the dogs and sure enough, there were one or two fleas. He leaped out the door and bought another flea bomb pack. 

I won't get into the crazy double-hassle we dealt with after that. Short story is, we locked the dogs outside since we were bombing the garage, Mo (the little one) ate rat poison, both dogs had to go to the vet and get Vitamin K shots and meds and then Peeler (the big one who didn't eat it, but still was treated) had an allergic reaction and went back to the vet. A $300 vet bill later, we left for the week feeling confident that after bombing twice, washing things, vacuuming and flea spraying everything....we were golden. 

Think again. This week, I've gotten it worse than ever. I've killed two fleas inside the house and every day obsess about fleas. Every little black spec I see, I get down on all fours and examine. I'm spraying, washing and vacuuming like a crazy woman. I feel them all over. My hair tickles my arm and I start swatting.

So goodbye blog followers, the fleas have won. I'm either going to burn down the house, run away or die from a panic attack or let the fleas just take my body.


NikkiDarlin' said...

Oh goodness. I know how you feel. We had ants a while back. It's craziness these little pest things. Try to stay sane.

my abc soup said...

I've had ants too!!!! Ahhh!!!

NikkiDarlin', I can never get on your site?? Help please!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Eeeek!!! Sound terrible. I'm a sheep farmer and I get ring-worm. It's isn't uncommon amongst farmers apparently and I have prescribed cream to rub on when it gets itchy! Sound awful doesn't it, but I'm clean. And now I'm sat here scratching like a mad woman, LOL.

CJ xx

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