welcome home

I started playing the piano as just a little tike. My great-grandmother had a piano and played beautifully. I always loved watching her because she wasn't like most, upright, stiff piano players you see with bony fingers and wrists held high. She was a short, stubby little woman who slouched and stuck her tongue out and over her upper lip and sometimes nose when reading notes.

I also remember them always letting me play. I mean, I must of sounded horrible as just a baby pounding on the keys...but they were either deaf or very encouraging. 

I was handed down the piano at a young age and immediately started taking lessons. I went through a number of piano teachers and come to think of it, don't know why (Mom?). I hated reading notes and preferred to play by ear. Maybe that was the problem with the teachers. They were too conventional! =) 

Once high school hit, I was onto dance, boys, sleepovers and clothes. Not piano. However, I would play occasionally at night when everyone was tucked in. I never liked recitals or playing in front of people. Playing the piano was more for my enjoyment and release. 

I finally concluded that I was over piano a year or so ago when I hadn't touched those keys in a few years and wouldn't dream of seeing a piano inside our 900 square foot home. Well, think again. My parents recently decided to put their house up for sale meaning it was time to take what was now a stranger to me- my piano- home. 
Chris jumped at this because he has been wanting that piano since we got together. Only once did I play for him- and there was a little too much wine involved. 

So we hauled that piano down south and pushed it into our tiny house. I have to say, it really adds something to the house. History, memories, family...it fills it with warmth. 

I was nervous. I slowly started playing things I remembered and before I knew it, three hours went by. I was opening book after book and trying to read the notes. I started reteaching myself. 

It has been a week and I've got one sore back and tight fingers from hours of playing. Chris just lays on the couch with his eyes closed and pretends to be relaxed even though I mess up consistently. I told him "sorry" for having to listen to this song over and over and he perked up and said, "I love it. It is different every time." 

Now, I watch Audrey. 9-months-old and she is sitting on the bench, pounding both hands on the keys and laughing hard. Every part of her body is moving with excitement. I don't hear the pounding, I hear beautiful music.


NikkiDarlin' said...

She looks so happy to be playing.

The Rheinlander's said...

Oh!! How cute!! I wish we had a "real" piano... Alex bangs on her toy one all the time : )

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