britt's bucket list

  1. Read the entire Bible 
  2. Have another baby...in a few years
  3. Write and publish a book
  4. Travel to Europe - drink wine in Tuscany and eat spaghetti in Rome 
  5. Start a vineyard
  6. Lead a woman's Bible study or group
  7. Run a good race 
  8. Have a house in the country
  9. Buy a new car (this is funny for all of you who know I am still driving the same '91 Honda Accord from when I was 16!) 
  10. Take a cooking class
  11. Don't ever grow up
  12. Take my children and then my grandchildren to Disneyland
  13. Teach Audrey all I know
  14. Take a mission trip
  15. Learn to sew
  16. Learn my family's history
  17. Visit the Grand Canyon
  18. Get better at piano
  19. Visit Yellowstone
  20. Do something extraordinary for my parents
  21. Pay off my student loan by the end of 2011
  22. Snowboard Whistler
  23. Visit Alaska
  24. Drink beer in Ireland
  25. Master being slow to anger and quick to forgive
  26. Walk and hold hands with my husband when we're old
  27. Pray everyday
  28. Fall in love with my husband everyday
  29. Kiss my baby every chance I get
  30. Lead someone to Christ


Darlin' Mama said...

Wow that all sounds awesome. I was just talking yesterday about going to the Grand Canyon. I seen it on Due Date and just so wanted to go.

Shannon Prochaska said...

I love your Bucket List Brit! So many great things to accomplish in this life :)

ThaiHoa said...

impressive list!

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