fashion friday

Loving the Cindy Lou Hoo do!

Miss Thang..mm hmm.

Do I have to wear Carhartt Mommy?

Carhartt, but PINK Carhartt for the logger hubby.
Carhartt kids clothes locally found at Coastal.

Mommy Buys

OK, I am now a sucker for Costco jeans. DKNY and Calvin's have always been a fav and they both are at Costco for $16-$19.99. They fit great and for the mom who is still losing weight, I don't mind that buying them knowing they won't fit later for that low of a price.
Mom & kid matching aprons! Just melt my heart. I always remember cooking in the kitchen with grandma and mom and the apron was a must. UP TO 50% off until 4/11  ZULILY


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