He is risen and so did my cake!

He is risen. What a wonderful day! And my lemon-ginger bundt cake turned out fabulous (first cake from scratch!)

The ABC family was blessed to have both families and close friends join in for an Easter celebration in our little cottage. We've got the smallest house and I'm always the one wanting to throw the biggest parties. 

Typical spring weather had the sun popping in and out, but mostly spring showers which kept us all inside. Eh, we're all family pretty much, so the closer the better =)

Audrey was adorned in her Janie & Jack navy dress and headband made my friend, Terra. She loved Easter. She ate a whole bunch of deviled eggs and bundt cake, got a ton of books and movies, and then settled down for her second long nap. Audrey especially loves spending time with her family. She stole the show.

Although I am exhausted and have way too many high calorie, yummy leftovers, I've still got champagne in my glass and a smile on my face. How blessed are we? Not only that He is risen, completely taken care of us and knows us so well (even if we don't know Him). Furthermore, to have such wonderful family and friends! It is special when you can get pretty much everyone you care about the most in one room. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. 
 Love, ABC

Strawberry Crepes

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Watch out Martha...but thanks for the recipe! Lemon-Ginger Bundt Cake


Kate Weber said...

Happy Easter! It sounds like a really fun day and all of that food looks delicious! I bet your cake was the hit of the party!

I'm new to your blog! I found you through FTLOB and can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog as well. :)

Simply Kate

Mandee said...

eggs benedict CASSEROLE? What? How have I not known this existed??? I love eggs benedict!!

Mandee said...

also, I just found a recipe in Portland's MIX magazine that was Almond-Ginger bundt cake, but it was gluten free and so used almond flour. It looks similar! I've been meaning to make it.

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