I have a headache already

Well I made the journey up north. Just me, babes, Mo, and of course a whole lotta baggage. My other half is engaged with work activities and essential gardening. I always feel half complete when he isn't with me. Ugh, wine will have to do.

I've got nothing much to say except this will be another jam packed weekend of shopping, family, friends, unwanted gossip, too much food, rude comments and box wine.

Everytime I come up here, it changes. But I guess it isn't "it" that is changing so much- it is me. Mom and Dad's house gets colder and colder, landscapers now fill the cul-de-sac pruning every yard to perfection (I guess I never noticed them before), the traffic seems to get worse, the people not as friendly, the weather is definitely worse, but on the upside, Target is better than ever.

Have a fabulous weekend!



Miranda Hartrampf said...

You traveled north this weekend and i'm traveling south! Spending some time with my dad in roseburg.

1TootieFoodie said...

I am glad you have a Target to make your day sunnier!

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