four generations

It is true that most of us women turn out to be like our mothers. We may not acquire all of their traits, but whether we like it or not - we will slowly develop more of them and most of the time, not notice it. 

I notice more and more the little things that I have started doing following my mom. Furthermore, I see her evolving more into my grandma. So, sorry Audrey. Whether you like it or not, you'll turn out a little like your momma. Here is a little list of family "traditions" carried on through the women of three generations (and coming up on four). 

like grandmother, like mother, like daughter

  • Loudness. I never realized that my volume of voice or the volume I prefer the television or music to be was considered loud. It isn't loud when I am with my gaggle of family members. Once my husband and others said, "You're talking so loud," I now realize how loud my family is and keep my volume down.  TRAIT DISMISSED.
  • Giving. My grandmother and mother will always put other people first. No matter how tired they are, they will always take care of others needs without grumbling. I like to think I inherited this trait. TRAIT INHERITED.
  • Non-confrontational: All of us women would really prefer to cop out of an argument or sticky situation, but have no problem telling our husband's how we feel. TRAIT INHERITED.
  • Fake clean. My grandma and mother clean with a sponge. The same sponge they just used to wipe the dirty dishes cleans the counter. Sorry to spill the secret, mom. I think through generations, women have gotten more OCD and more OCD. My mom is far more OCD than my grandmother, and I am just growing in how obsessive I am about cleaning. But I think we all have a little dirt under the rug, our window tracks are not spotless and there is dust in the places people don't look. I do not use a sponge, but my house is not as clean as it looks. TRAIT INHERITED
  • Planners. My mother and I love to make plans. We continually have a full calendar. By the time we get our new year calendar at Christmas, it is already filling up. I can't really wait until the week before and decide to go somewhere...it must be on the calendar and planned. TRAIT INHERITED
  • Deciders. Yesterday while my mother was making my grandparents' plans, my dad was telling my mom to chill out and that she didn't need to take care of my grandparents and decide everything for them. I was laughing silently in the kitchen because just the night before Chris and I had a discussion about how I decide everything. We just know we have the best decisions! =) TRAIT INHERITED but I'm working on dismissing it.
  • Shhh, don't tell dad. Complimentary to the giving trait, my mom loved to spoil my sister and I. However, it came with, "Shhh, don't tell dad." When Chris and I got married, we decided I would be in charge of the budget. There were definitely some mountains to climb because some of my over-budget expenditures (oops, new shoes!), I did the same thing: "Shhh, don't tell ." However, I've gotten much better. TRAIT DISMISSED...however, Audrey isn't a teenager yet. Eek. 
  • Stubborn. This skipped a generation because my mom isn't stubborn, but my grandmother and I sure are. TRAIT INHERITED
  • Nostalgic. All three women love learning about our family history, where things or people came from and taking good care of family antiques and historical stories. TRAIT INHERITED
  • Dishes: There are never dirty dishes left in the sink for more than thirty minutes. Furthermore, if someone else puts dishes in the dishwasher, I think we all re-organize it afterward. 
  • The hub. My mom's house and now my house are the hubs for family and friend gatherings. TRAIT INHERITED
  • There are a bunch of little things I've noticed such as how my mother and I will both leave to-be donated bags or bottles/cans in the back of our cars for weeks/months; we are both a little "clumsy" or "flighty"; my mother and I both don't really bake (Costco pies are just dandy!); No matter how tired our husband's are, I guarantee that my mother and I are far more exhausted (and we will let you know). TRAITS INHERITED
  • Closeness. My mom talks to her mom everyday at least once and I talk to my mom everyday. We share everything and enjoy talking about the smallest things. I hope Audrey does the same with me. 


Mrs. H said...

what a sweet sweet post! it's so wonderful that you have such a close relationship with all of the beautiful women in your family.

thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments about my easter photos!

mrs h

Heidi said...

Your daughters Easter outfit is absolutely precious. She is adorable!

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