pulling the plug

Audrey never seemed really attached to her "plug" as we call it or pacifier. I popped one into her mouth the first night in the hospital and she was a sucker for that sucker. But it continually grew into something only used during bedtime or to literally plug her when she was crying. 

Wubbanub Pacifier - Yellow DuckThen we got the Wubbanub's. I love these little critters and would highly suggest them. A friend bought Audrey her first one and it was so long Soothie's and hello duck. 

It turned more into a fixation on the animal, not the actual pacifier. She would pet it, eat it, talk to it and most recently, she would have to lay the duck over her eyes to go to sleep. I would have to leave the room laughing every time. 

Chris and I (more dad than mom) have agreed on not letting her get attached to the plug. We've seen 2, 3 and sometimes 5-year-olds who can talk and ride bikes but have a constant pacifier in their mouth. 

Again, I wasn't too concerned about Audrey until recently. Still a bedtime user, she started walking up to her crib and grabbing her duck through the open bars when she was playing. She would start crying for it and immediately when I gave her it, she would be content. I knew she was growing quite attached to the plug. 

Chris has been saying for months to pull the plug, but maybe I was attached to it too. It was the one thing that made her relax when mommy needed her to.

And I knew my husband was right, but then I read an article in Parents that pushed me just enough over the edge to say "OK, that's it. Binky is gone." That is what always happens. You don't think YOU have it like other parents and that it will be easy for you or different for you. I was clearly avoiding that we had an attachment already.

However, when the sub-paragraph topic is "Reality Bites" and right under it is written, "...the downside of life with Binky surfaces. Maybe your child cries every time the pacifier falls out of her mouth and onto the floor, which means you're bumbling around in the dark at 4 a.m., searching for the one thing that will soothe her."

Dang it. That was us almost every night. Audrey actually started playing a game where she would throw it out of the crib to get us to go in her room and give it back to her, only for her to throw it out again. 

I knew that the older a child gets, the harder it is to take anything away or introduce new things. I was thinking by age one I would take it away, but seeing that I had an already very smart daughter who plays me like a fool, I decided now would be better than later. 

Yesterday was the first day and I did OK. Of course this is more about me than Audrey. I am the one who has to listen to her cry and I'm just yearning for peace and quiet. Temptation is pulling me closer and closer to just giving in. 

For the first nap, she cried for about 30 minutes. The second nap, she cried for about 20 minutes. At bedtime, I gave in, but she wasn't too interested in the plug. 

We will work at it again today. Bye-bye Binky...it is kind of sad.


nikki said...

what adorable pics! it's heart breaking when you hear your baby crying, but i'm sure if you stick to your plan then she will forget all about her "plug" (love your name for it btw) in no time.
thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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