squirrels and trees

A week after moving in, I went for a run. It was a sunny day and I was in such a chipper mood. Having yet not met any neighbors, I decided to duck into the garage of a house nearby whom was having a garage sale. His name is Grandpa Jerry, and boy was he excited to see a visitor. 

His garage sale was the strangest thing I had ever seen. Old collectibles for double or triple the price they should be sold for and some very interesting other items. Such as this. 
The very nice old man said he was "really popular in the area" with his tales and songs. He told me to come back later with my husband and he would have a "welcome to the neighborhood gift." 

So, we went back later that evening and received this CD. My husband and I chuckled at the titles, and it is unknown to me why I have waited this long to listen to it.

Introducing Track 1: Squirrels and Trees (rated PG-13) from Grandpa Jerry's Home Stories

PS: It wasn't long after that we discovered Grandpa Jerry is ALWAYS having a garage sale. Oh, I love this town.


1TootieFoodie said...

You gotta appreciate em...LOL

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