taking lessons

My morning mother's Bible study takes place in the church's children Sunday school room. For the second time, I found myself glued to the dry erase board with a colorful and heart breaking list of child prayer requests. 

Please pray...
"That my dog can live at home and not the pound." 
"That Ian's family won't move away." 
"That Josh's dad finds a job." 
"That my grandpa's cancer is healed." 
"For everyone in Roseburg." 
"That my mom feels better." 
"That Evan's cancer goes away." 
"That we get a bigger house." 
"That I can see my dad soon." 
"That the world gets better." 
"That we can get a dog for me to play with." 
"That my mom can stay home with me." 
"That we don't have to move away." 
"For the families in Japan."

These are little elementary school children and they can pray better than I can. How humbling it is to see a little person's prayer and what is going on in their hearts. They aren't praying for a cool toy or trip to Disneyland (cough cough...done that), they are praying for things that I think they, as children, are oblivious to. Well, they aren't. 

It breaks my heart that they understand why mom can't stay home and play, but they want her to so badly. It breaks my heart that they understand that their friend or family member is sick and will die sometime in the near future because of it. And the most humbling is seeing that they are praying for their friends. 

Here I am praying for a new car and little 4-year-old Jesse wishes that everyone will pray for his friend who is sick with cancer. Crap. Jesse is more grown up than I am. And praying for the families in Japan? Darn...that one has escaped me a few weeks ago too.

As much as we want to shield our children from all the hurt and bad in the world, they know of it. Truth is, they can probably handle it better than us. It is clear they can pray better than the most of us. I don't know about you, but I'm taking lessons from them.


bluecottonmemory said...

There's nothing more beautiful than a child's heart and a child's prayer! Thanks for sharing their hearts!

Darlin' Mama said...

It's scary how much they understand. I think even my 20 month old understand more about whats going on around her than I think she does. Makes you wonder how to protect them from those kind of things.

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