25 and better than ever

I spent the last two days celebrating my twenty-fifth birthday. Other than the "birthday drink" that definitely made me feel old the next morning, I feel better than ever. 

At twenty-five, I've accomplished all the things I really wanted out of life and have been blessed with more. At twenty-five, I've got the most incredible husband, a beautiful daughter, a nice home, the most amazing friends and a strong faith guiding me every day. 

I am in pretty much the best shape of my life, feel happier than ever and really lucky. 

So, I don't mind the big 25. To 25 more!


Darlin' Mama said...

That's awesome. Those "birthday drinks" can make anyone feel old. LOL. Hope this year is awesome for you.

Rosann said...

Happy Birthday! :) Oh...to be 25 again... lucky girl!


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