baby cuddles

Recently,  Audrey started giving "loves." Mid-play, she will just lay her head down on you, look at your face, then lay it back down spreading her little arms around you and making an "mmmm" sound. Even though she can't speak, you know she is saying, "I love you." This makes me just melt.

Audrey has always been a very independent baby. She started sleeping in her crib at about 2-weeks-old and slept so much better in her own room and bed. She started getting a bottle right away and holding it herself around 5-weeks-old. She started eating solids, using a cup and a spoon starting at 6-months-old though now. 

With almost everything, she wants to do it herself and will smack your help away saying with her eyes, "me do!" 

I love her independence, but as a mom, sometimes I just wanted to snuggle her and she wasn't interested. She rarely will even fall asleep in someone's arms - let alone mine. 

So, when she started giving these intended hugs and occasional kisses, I am just eating it up. 

And of course, I also know, it is short lived. Pretty soon she will be going "eww mom" at my kisses, so I'm taking every little bit I can.


Miranda Hartrampf said...

Aww i love baby cuddles! Chloe has been extra lovey now that she is teething... and secretly i love the fact that she reached out for me now.

Darlin' Mama said...

I know how that feels. I have a little independent one myself. Those kiss are the sweetest.

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