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Tomorrow, My ABC Soup, will be featured in The News-Review. This column I took the time to reflect, memoir style, with the happenings of the last year. I turned twenty-five and let's just say, I have finally grown up (mostly). 
One year ago I was enormous, exhausted, moody and clueless as to what was to come in the next year. May has always been a busy month for me with my birthday, Mother’s Day, a number of family celebrations and the Memorial Day kick-off-to-summer trip. Last year’s May was considerably busy awaiting Audrey’s arrival.

I spent those last May days anxious, covered in anti-stretch mark cream and doing pretty much anything I could to go into labor, including mowing the lawn. My mood swings swung as much as the spring weather and my husband was replaced with a body pillow named George.

It is hard to imagine that was all a year ago and George just moved out – and thankfully, the stretch marks and baby weight have left as well. And in we welcomed a beautiful baby girl.

Though most of the physical battle scars of last spring have gone away, I am emotionally changed forever. In one-year, I gained an entirely different view on life. 

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