fashion friday

I am a moderately competitive mom. Isn't every mom? That's a blog topic in itself for another day. But for today I am sharing Audrey's spotlight with another doll, Reese. I have to admit that baby girl got some style (shout out to friend, momma Tiffany). 

My size please? Vintage sweater, cuff jeans & the perfect splash of color in the headband.

Jona Michelle Flippy Skirt 
Found this @ Costco for $6.99 
A fluffy skirt for my princess with a pair of shorts for dad's tom-girl

Nothing like hands free pumping IN STYLE! A nice laugh for the day =)
More than 40% off PumpEase hands free pumping bra @ Zulily


Missie said...

That first skirt is SO cute! The last one would be a hilarious gift!

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