rodent huntin'

There are moments where amid conversation with my husband, his family and other men of the similar DNA that I go into the twilight zone thinking, "where am I and who are these people?"

Rodents are a common topic of conversation. When I first met my husband and he took me to meet his parents, I got to learn about gofer hunting. My father-in-law would wake up at the crack of dawn and spend all day around his property hunting those gofers. And I tell ya, he caught somewhere between 80 and 100. He devised new trap after new trap and was in a gofer daze for awhile. It became a little too Caddyshack for me: man vs. gofer. 

Well, that was just the start of it. I came to learn last week that in his younger years he caught some sort of a large, wood-eating rat (eating his trees, none-the-less). He was so proud of his capture that he actually called my mother-in-law to tell her to make room in the freezer. My mother-in-law told him his ice chest at work would be just a fine place.And a tip from my fabulous FIL, Ziplocks don't work- the claws puncture holes.

Another friend then chirped in with his story of a nutria coming to the front door only for the man to kill it with a hatchet in the back and then freeze it so he could show all his friends. Freeze it with the hatchet might I add. 

My husband is one-of-a-kind too. Last night, I saw a possum in the backyard. Within two seconds of my shriek, my husband was out the back door, no shirt, pajama pants pulled up to his chest, work shoes and a log. I watched from the backdoor as he tip-toed outside as fast as he could. I started to laugh so hard. "What are you doing with the log?" He said he didn't have time to get the bow & arrow, therefore would smash it with the log. 

He searched and searched, but the possum had escaped the wrath of the log...and my husband. I could see my FIL's glazed-over look in my husband's eyes saying "get me that rodent!" He acted the same way as when you say "Squirrel" to our dogs. "Possum!" 

With a sad look, he carefully walked through the mud and pouring rain back into the house only to slip and crash into the garden fence. Wrapped in garden wire, he threw the log and was covered in mud. I'm still laughing over the site...but only laughing with you hunny! 

Thank you sweetie from keeping our family safe of rodents! You are the rodent master and that possum will learn his lesson. =)


Darlene Schacht said...

Love your adorable profile pic and has to click through!! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog. :)

Rosann said...

LOL! Yes...very Bill Murray in Caddyshack! Your husband sounds like quite the lovable character. :)


Missie said...

Oh my goodness...that is hilarious! I wish you had the video camera!
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