camping re-visted

This past weekend, the Arnold family went camping. Audrey went camping last summer when she was 2-months-old. THAT, was an experience. 

I'm a pretty competitive person so when my husband keeps ragging on and on about how he knows this person and that person that brought there 1-week-old or how ever old baby camping, I said "fine!" 

I grew up camping, but Chris' definition of camping is a little different. After we got married, we went over to eastern Oregon. I learned that my hubby does not camp in campgrounds, but rather just pulls over and finds a good spot.Bathrooms were a hole in the ground outside the tent and showers were crouching under the water dispenser.

I was already a little worried about camping with a newborn and having no bathroom or shower- and, bugs. 

Something just snaps in you when you become a mom and the things I didn't really care too much about, I now did. I didn't want Audrey to get cold, dirty or have bug bites. 

So, the long trip was already quite the adventure itself. I was breastfeeding at the time, but mainly pumping since I got more milk that way. My expensive electric pump decided to break right before our trip, so I purchased a manual hand pump. There I was, every one to two hours on a 6-hour trip pumping away, hitting bumps in the road and breast milk spilling all over the truck. 

Once Chris found his pull over camping spot, it looked pretty nice. Right next to the lake. I got out of the truck and was just being attacked by flies. Doing a typical girl scream, hubs told me they would go away. I got back in the truck and then watched as flies by the hundreds were hitting the windows. 

Chris set up the big wall tent and everything else and I rushed inside the tent. There, I set up our little home and made some dinner (inside the tent). Chris was pretty bummed that I would not join him outside. Once, I did, only to go pee and have flies still attack me. 

It got to be dusk and I finally went outside to sit by the fire with dinner. Audrey was covered head to toe and stationed inside the tent. 

I began to relax since the flies were gone. But a few bites into my dinner, my blood started boiling again as I was smacking left and right, waving my hands all around. Mosquitoes now were in full attack mode. Chris was constantly saying, "They aren't bad, just calm down and they will go away." But it is pretty much impossible for me to calm down with mosquitoes. I am someone that they just love to eat and will swell up like a balloon.

I rushed back inside the tent and got under the covers. This was not going so well. I was trying hard not to complain since this is my husbands favorite, favorite spot and thing to do that he only gets to do really once a year. 

The next morning, I was refreshed and said "OK, I can do this." We emerged out of the tent for a morning walk. It lasted about 10 minutes before I was screaming and running, pushing a stroller, from the flies. 

Chris said, "That's it!", went back to camp, and started taking everything down. I, sat in the truck with baby. Chris and me too, were pretty worried that this would be the end to camping.

This past weekend was a much happier experience. No bugs. Audrey had a great time just looking and walking around. 

It drove me nuts when Chris would tell about our first family camp and how he said the bugs were not that bad. It took months for him to admit, "Yeah, they were pretty bad." 


Nikki Darlin' ( Darlin' Mama ) said...

Oh you are a brave one. We didn't take our daughter camping until a few months ago and she is over one almost two. Poor thing gets eat up every time she walks outside. Then to top it off she got a tick on her and we sick the whole camping trip and a few days after. I hope to go back when this heat lets up in Georgia. And I pray for a better trip.

Megan said...

Oh you are SO brave!! At least he finally admits that the bugs were bad!!

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