a day in mommyland

I wonder how many times I pick up your toys every day. 

I wonder how many paper towels and baby wipes I go through cleaning your face, hands, hair and everything else after you eat. 

I wonder how many diapers I really go through per day because that diaper pail gets full so fast.

I wonder how many more cell phones I will have to get because you ate the battery.

I wonder how many times I will have to put the kitchen stuff back in the cupboards and drawers because you learned how to open them.  

I wonder how much laundry detergent and Shout! I will go through on your juice stained clothes. 

I wonder how many times I'll have to pick up food off the floor and empty out the high chair. 

I wonder how many times I will have to say "no" until you finally get it and stop testing me. 

I wonder for how long I will need to dance, sing and jump up and down to get you to stop crying.

I wonder if I'll ever stop just watching you in awe that you are my daughter and so perfect. 

I wonder if I'll miss your infant car seat now outgrown, your Binky now in the drawer and your bottle because you would rather use a cup. 

I wonder if I'll miss feeding you because you now feed yourself. 

I wonder if I'll ever love anything more.

I really just wonder what my day would be like if I didn't have you and I can't imagine. I'm so glad my day is spent getting peanut butter out of your hair, having you yell while I try to get you to hold still cleaning your diaper, giving you numerous baths, having to repeat a certain book or song because you love it, tickling your toes and watching you crack up, turning on music and laughing while you bust a move, listening to you chat with all your stuffed animals and watching your eyes light up when I say, "daddy's home!" 

Although it takes a lot out of us, being a stay-at-home mom is absolutely the best "job." I'm blessed I get to do it.


Amanda said...

Really love this post!

Mandee said...

this is so cute! I love it!! Makes me so excited for my little niece to arrive next month.

Joy Worth Sharing said...

perfectly put momma! love it & agree with it all!!

Rosann said...

Amen to that! This was a beautiful post. :)

Many blessings,

Miranda said...

I really love this--beautiful post! And the adorable picture of your daughter certainly doesn't hurt. ;)

Ashley said...

Awesome post!

Kelly said...

Just think about how they must have done it BEFORE paper towels! Eek.

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