Not a girl- and yes, a woman. But I can be a girl sometimes too!

The past three days, a girlfriend and I (and baby in tow) ventured up to Portland to see my favorite since the age of 14: Miss Britney Spears. Haven't missed a show yet.

Not only were we going to my old stomping grounds of Portland, but we were seeing Britney Spears - so as the car got closer to our destination, I regressed from 25 back to 16. 

What is it about Britney that makes you want to curl your hair again, wear slutty clothes and karaoke?

My girlfriend had never cruised the hot spots in Portland, so that was the first adventure. Yes, there was karaoke involved. Portland is a little more forgiving than the first time I ever did karaoke in Manhattan: Three tan blondes trying to sing Britney Spears only got us booed and practically kicked out.

Britney's last tour, Circus, was in Tacoma where a whole slew of my high school girls and I ventured up, made T-shirts and again, did karaoke.

Femme Fatal tour did not disappoint. Britney showed off a little of her old self and more skin which gave me inspiration since she's popped out two kids.

Almost every song brings me back to some crush I had, dance team or some other high school memory. Then I shake I head and think, "Whoa, I have a one-year-old now!" I was running into people from high school and showing them photos of Audrey on my phone.

It a strange feeling to be going downtown, doing karaoke, seeing Britney Spears and getting all gussied up now as a mother. Not that I feel old, just in another dimension, another world. 

But it was wonderful. Britney always brings it and it is special to have girl time and feel like a kid again.


Mandee said...

I was at the show too! It brought me back to high school again. I've seen her at the rose garden in my younger days and it brought back memories! Bonus--our 300 level tickets got upgraded to 100 level!

Nikki Darlin' ( Darlin' Mama ) said...

I have never been to a britney show. Bet it was the best. I love her.

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