golden year

Audrey has been such an enjoyment to play with and just observe, but I must say that I am having so much fun with her being one-year-old. 

She is learning so fast. It is so incredible to me that words or movements you don't even realize you do, your sponge of a toddler (weird to say!) will pick it up so fast.

It is just another level of mommyhood that makes me realize how blessed I am that I get to stay home and watch her grow.

At this age, they are so interested in everything you have to teach them. Chris and I also realized it is time we really start watching what we say and do since she is just a miniature mimic.

And she is also pretty much a miniature me: she loves shoes, fashion, shopping and dancing. I couldn't be having more fun being a mom.

No wonder she woke up sick on her birthday - two days later she received three new teeth!

And we're walking!!!


Nikki Darlin' said...

She is an such a cute age. Give her another year and you will really have to watch what you say. Our daughter has started picking up some bad words from people around her. I might have to start a swear jar to stop people from saying bad words around her.

Ashley said...

She is so darling! What a fun age!

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